Mamre Initiative Pty Ltd

Cedara, KZN - 23 to 24 July 2019 (English)

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Prosperity through sheep farming!

Welcome to the biggest and most comprehensive sheep farming workshop in SA.

We are striving to optimize profit and ensure a sustainable sheep industry by maximizing production and limiting risk.

A total of 14 expert speakers, who are active in the industry, will cover all aspects of sheep farming in the 21st century.

Our focus is to enhance the new mentality towards sheep farming by using basic principles and precision farming to optimize resource use.

What does intensification and accelerated lambing systems entail?
What is the step-by-step process and which factors should be considered?
What effect will this have on production and profitability?
To what degree will challenges such as predation, lamb moralities, theft and mothering issues be addressed?
What is the nutritional requirement of an ewe to produce sustainable in an intensive and accelerated system?

Our Initiative is sponsored and supported by 11 leading Agricultural companies.

Mamre Initiative, Bayer, DIMSSA, Kanda, Ramsem, Konsortium-Merino, Zoetis, Sernick, Chemunique, Agricol, Nutribase, Hinterland and Farmers for Change.

Please refer to the detailed program below:

Welcome to the future of sheep farming.

Together we will overcome the challenges to farm sustainable and live our passion!