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Mamre Intensive Lambing System - Practical Handbook and Management tool

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The MILS (Mamre Intensive Lambing System) was designed throughout the past 10 years by Dr Karin and Manie Wessels.
The system includes the intensification of sheep farming as well as the accelerated lambing cycle.
The management tool determines the management activities, feed and medicine. 
The practical handbook covers all aspects of sheep project management with practical guides. 
The management tool is Excel based which determine the dates of specific management activities, feed and medicine recommendations.
Proper planning can thus be done with regards to practical sheep management. 
The practical handbook is a 26 page document which provide a practical basis for a sheep farming operation. 
This is based on project management principles with specific reference to intensive sheep farming and the accelerated lambing cycle.
Basic reproduction and management information are included with reference to product and service providers.
Specific reference is made to the MILS management tool and the use thereof.