Mamre Initiative

Mamre Record keeping & MILS Management Digital System Supported by DIMSSA - Coming Soon!

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The digital record keeping system will not only enable producers to keep record of the sheep and inventory but will ensure a data basis to track and improve genetic material, performance, quality and overall management to ensure optimization. Big data and artificial intelligence is our golden coin to innovated and revolutionize the sheep production industry.
The accelerated lambing system promotes the optimization of resources, addresses food security and gives prosperity. The management of different groups in different physiological stages of production throughout the year is complex. This digital management system will remove the complexity and enable to manager to have total control and insight of operation and inventory management. Detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning schedule will be at you finger tips. 
The system will be enhanced by radio identification tags (Dim-tags), readers, gantry readers, electronic scales and drafters.Provided by the DIMSSA company.
Timeline: System will be completed in April 2019. 
A 6 month testing period will be done on our experimental farm in Bethlehem and demonstration farm in Frankfort to perfect the system.
The system will be launched in November 2019 in the market.